Growing food in Gibraltar

The Reform Party of Gibraltar says it supports the growing world and European trend towards small-scale urban food production.

This can either be based on household units or local neighborhood projects. The Party says it sees a distinct relevance for this for Gibraltar.

In a statement today, the Reformists reminded readers that up to a quarter of world food is now produced by these ‘micro’ urban methods, increasingly in developed countries, not just the ‘third world’.

“At present, food is plentiful and cheap in Gibraltar” said the Reformists ” We all take it for granted. So It may seem very strange (or just plain silly) to talk about the importance of growing things here to eat . After all,there are full shelves in every supermarket and shop on the Rock. But perhaps we won’t be able to depend quite so much on all this in future.

There will be huge increases in world oil prices over the next couple of decades. This will have obvious knock-on effects on all aspects of life. This includes the price of producing and transporting of food, particularly for communities like ours where everything presently comes from elsewhere.

Perhaps we can lessen some of the worst future effects. One approach would be to at least consider ways of partially feeding ourselves. It’s worth thinking about. In our Party we are currently exploring options and plan to work with others to develop a range of practical suggestions for our own community.

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